Making education decisions

It is vital that we all continue with our education and training. As we often change our work roles,  new training is more essential.

Our one-on-one skills development sessions aim to help you make an informed decision about career education options.  

Regardless of your age or stage - from HSC to TAFE to community college to first degree to further postgraduate study - we help you identify and target the education option that best suits your needs, and is the best investment of your time and money.

 Secondary and Tertiary course selection. We help with:

  • Subject choice for the HSC
  • Review your HSC subjects for your priority tertiary options
  • Selecting your course or training after the HSC,  Degree or Diploma
  • Deciding which TAFE,  college or university might suit you best.

Postgraduate course selection. Our high level university experience helps you:

  • Decide what further education, institution, and research support is best for your interests and career
  • Identify your skills and experience that best matches jobs of interest.

Strategic selection of education during your career. We assist you to: 

  • Determine whether more training or accreditations will assist your career
  • Choose the right professional development or further study for a career shift
  • Ensure the best professional return for your investment of money and time
  • Identify key market and training information, and the right people to help you with your career.

Contact us to make the best education investment in your future.