Our one-on-one skills development sessions aim to give you the skills to prepare for and perform at a job interview with a recruitment consultant, panel or hiring manager.  

If you have an important interview coming up, be more competitive with our help.  

At the end of this session you will be:

  • Equipped with an interview strategy that brings out your best 
  • Psychologically prepared for your interview 
  • Ready to deliver the information interviewers are looking for 
  • Able to answer interview questions confidently 
  • Able to minimise worry or stress before your interview
  • Feeling more comfortable at the interview
  • Able to interact successfully with the panel or interviewer
  • Prepared to deal with the unexpected 
  • Equipped with possible questions and answers 
  • Able to follow up with your interview and negotiate if needed.

We have been interviewers on many public and private sector interview panels, so we know what interviewers look for.
We have also been successful interviewees, so we know how it feels, and we know what works. 

Contact us to develop interview technique that will get you that job.