Job search

Our one-on-one skills development sessions aim to give you the skills to complete an effective job search.  

You will be equipped to tap in to the mostly hidden job market.

And we train you to actively network for success, whatever your job interests.

Choose the skills development session that suits you best,  You can:

  • Have your job search goals clarified
  • Know the ways to research for job opportunities
  • Market your transferrable skills
  • Be able to get the most out of job search networking
  • Have approaches for canvassing and cold calling
  • Know how to use of company websites and other research resources
  • Be familiar with current recruitment processes and practices
  • Understand the recruiter's & HR department's priorities and 'ideal' candidate
  • Know more secrets of effective job finding skills 
  • Have a simple, effective plan of action.

If you cannot find a job or want a new one,  this session will give you the career support you need.

Contact us now to find out how you can move forward right now.