Speaking to your organisation - Keynotes & seminars

We accelerate and foster organisational health, resilience and adaptation through learning.

  • Help you reward and inform staff with latest perspectives on managing their careers, work outcomes and how external economic and social shifts impact on their work, organisation and industry
  • Focus on local and global sustainability and how individuals and organisations can increase sustainable outcomes
  • Show what individuals can do to survive and flourish at work. 
  • Show ways of increasing career inventiveness, resilience, adaptation and flexibility
  • Use your staff experience and knowledge as a vital shared stimulant and ingredient to learning.

Our keynotes include:

  • The tough new nature of 21st century leadership
  • The new career development for managers and executives
  • What is coming at your organisation from the future and how fast? How to be ahead of trends.
  • How to make R&D benefit the bottom line

And as we also have top level scientific and board credentials we also speak on:

  • Global environmental security futures
  • Why women must lead in the 21st century
  • Strategy implementation for boards and executives


Contact us to enhance and challenge your learning and professional development.