Speaking and presentations

Our one-on-one skills development sessions aim to give you the skills to give a speech or presentation with confidence.  

If you need to create a strong impression, create change, educate, train, or gain an important contract or role with the aid of a presentation, we can help you. We are often called to present to an audience. 

We help you develop skills to: 

  • identify your objectives for your presentation
  • enhance your presentation style and vary it to suit your audience
  • understand the needs of your audience 
  • develop your content and how to present it
  • prepare yourself psychologically to deliver at your best 
  • present to a specific audience
  • handle the technical logistics of your presentation
  • answer questions successfully
  • deal with difficult questions and difficult people in the audience 
  • deal with the unexpected 
  • improve your presentation style.

Our wide speaking and presenting experience can help you successfully deliver your presentation. 

We have extensive experience presenting to many audience including : the media; international and national conferences; boards and shareholders; private, public and not-for-profit sectors; academic and education audiences; industry groups and professional associations; and stakeholders (including rowdy and very disaffected groups). 

Contact us for presentations that have an impact.